The new record DAMAGE DOOM DEATH is written and recorded. I will be mixing and mastering the songs during the following weeks. If you follow my SoundCloud, then you have listened to some song previews. I will be uploading there some previews of all the songs, in case you want to hear and tell me about some mixing details. I hate mixing and mastering, because I can never reach 100% the sound I was searching for. On the other hand, I don't have the hardware and I'm not a sound engineer, so the result will be the best at that moment in time.

Damage Doom Death

The new record (probably the last DE TOT COR album) is going to be called "DAMAGE DOOM DEATH" and it will be out around October/November. It will be all home-made. No sound-engineers, no designers, no crowfunding, no payed-promotion, no pre-orders, no shit, no guest-singers, no remixers, no singles, no coloured-vinyls, no money... Just music.
The album will be released only digital through Spotify and Bandcamp (free download at .WAV quality). If there is enough demand to press some physical copies, then there will be.
In the record you will find a mix between industrial, EBM, trance, guitars, ambient, doom... dark-electro! Last months I've been uploading some work in progress in my soundcloud account.
There have been four years of silence since the release of the last EP "Fearless". This will be the best De Tot Cor album ever. Grand finale and big distortion, it's a party. And this is the record cover:


Lately I've been working with a singer and we've decided to start a new music project. Then it's time to stop DE_TOT_COR for a while. The idea is to be back some time with the original idea of this project, instrumental industrial electronic music. If you are interested in the new project, i'll post some news when they're ready.
Music available at -
Have a nice summer.

Interview mash

There's a new interview online, this time for the website & radio podcast You can read the complete story here (DE_TOT_COR interview) and in their Episode 87 they play the song "Distant Lights (feat. Kari Berg)" with many other things (podcast is here). The HorrorAddicts website is also giving free music giveaways, there are 10 free music codes for our Bandcamp site. Just follow the links. Thanks to all the HorrorAddicts staff!