Lately I've been working with a singer and we've decided to start a new music project. Then it's time to stop DE_TOT_COR for a while. The idea is to be back some time with the original idea of this project, instrumental industrial electronic music. If you are interested in the new project, i'll post some news when they're ready.
Music available at -
Have a nice summer.

Interview mash

There's a new interview online, this time for the website & radio podcast You can read the complete story here (DE_TOT_COR interview) and in their Episode 87 they play the song "Distant Lights (feat. Kari Berg)" with many other things (podcast is here). The HorrorAddicts website is also giving free music giveaways, there are 10 free music codes for our Bandcamp site. Just follow the links. Thanks to all the HorrorAddicts staff!


Привет! First, I would like to thank one thousand times or more, all of you who downloaded "Fearless (EP)" and "In case you have deleted all the previous songs" in Bandcamp. There had been some donations during last February. Thanks!!
I am currently trying to mix a song set for playing live. I've been asked several times about playing live with DE_TOT_COR. The answer was always "no". From the beginning I thought DE_TOT_COR as a studio-project. However things change with time. There are now many songs with vocals and I think there can come out a nice set of tracks. A mix between instrumental songs (Mädchenliebe, Strawberry Panic...) and songs with vocals (A heart dies, Decay...). If there's someone reading this, suggestions on tracks you would like to see live are welcomed. Just comment.
And, if you are a promoter reading this, just get in touch (here). Спасибо!


It seems we are still alive, so here you have the announced free compilation. "In case you have deleted all the previous songs", now you can have some for free. A digital release including the best unknown classics and remixes, rare tracks and some reworks.

After releasing two EPs and a full-length album, DE_TOT_COR offers this compilation of songs for free. You can find here the best unknown classics and remixes, rare tracks and some reworks. We live days too fast and we write less than 140 characters to explain it. Albums are downloaded for free and deleted one hour later. Here’s then your second chance. Maybe once you heard these songs, maybe you didn’t realize. You can obviously delete them again. This time is forever. It’s time to re-think the project. I spent too much time and money. I am thankful to those who had been (and are!) interested in my music. Nevertheless I doubt there’s a point in making albums nowadays. It’s too expensive and hard to sell. Recording, mastering, manufacturing, promotion, etc, etc. Underground doesn’t understand about money. This is not an end. DE_TOT_COR will return with more songs and hopefully as a live project. However there will be some rest. Have fun, take care and press download. [Type 0 to download or donate some money if you can]
DE_TOT_COR - In case you have deleted all the previous songs