Support DE TOT COR creating a new album

Maybe you have noticed, this week I deleted the audio snippets of new songs that were in my soundcloud. That's because I've just set a Patreon page for the new DE TOT COR album. Let's see if it works:
It's like a crowfunding site but (if you join) you will have access to the PROCESS of creation the new album. Depending on the amount of money you give, you will be able to read weekly posts about the album, listen to the new songs before anyone else, get bonus downloads or even I can remix one of your songs (if you are a musician).
I decided to start this in order to open the doors of my music project. Social sites are okay but they have serious inconvenients too (like seeing posts in FB, overcrowded twitter timeline, excessive audio sites, etc, etc). I'm NOT going to post anything more about my new songs here on FB, twitter, soundcloud... It will be everything on my Patreon site (at least for this new album).
Go and check the project, and become a patron IF YOU CAN!


Lately I've been working with a singer and we've decided to start a new music project. Then it's time to stop DE_TOT_COR for a while. The idea is to be back some time with the original idea of this project, instrumental industrial electronic music. If you are interested in the new project, i'll post some news when they're ready.
Music available at -
Have a nice summer.

Interview mash

There's a new interview online, this time for the website & radio podcast You can read the complete story here (DE_TOT_COR interview) and in their Episode 87 they play the song "Distant Lights (feat. Kari Berg)" with many other things (podcast is here). The HorrorAddicts website is also giving free music giveaways, there are 10 free music codes for our Bandcamp site. Just follow the links. Thanks to all the HorrorAddicts staff!


Привет! First, I would like to thank one thousand times or more, all of you who downloaded "Fearless (EP)" and "In case you have deleted all the previous songs" in Bandcamp. There had been some donations during last February. Thanks!!
I am currently trying to mix a song set for playing live. I've been asked several times about playing live with DE_TOT_COR. The answer was always "no". From the beginning I thought DE_TOT_COR as a studio-project. However things change with time. There are now many songs with vocals and I think there can come out a nice set of tracks. A mix between instrumental songs (Mädchenliebe, Strawberry Panic...) and songs with vocals (A heart dies, Decay...). If there's someone reading this, suggestions on tracks you would like to see live are welcomed. Just comment.
And, if you are a promoter reading this, just get in touch (here). Спасибо!