So long and thanks for all the happiness

End of 2016 and end of De Tot Cor too. Music project finished. I won't update this website no more. Music in Spotify ( and Bandcamp ( are always available. All the CDs around the world too. 
Thanks to all who enjoyed the music, the musicians involved and you reading this.
Now only writing music in Scar 21 (
So long and thanks for all the happiness!


The new record DAMAGE DOOM DEATH is released today.
You can download it for free at Bandcamp and listen to it online at Spotify.
If you donate some money at Bandcamp when downloading the album, you will receive a free 4-track EP (using paypal email or send a mail to detotcorgothiclight[at] with dark ambient songs.
Support the music, fuck the mainstream!


Album finished. "Damage Doom Death" is mixed and mastered and it will be out in October. It has been four years of silence, but here music comes again.
The album is not made of club-hits. There are no guest-vocalists, just dark electronic music. The track order will try to make you listen to the album as a whole. However there is no concept or anything behind this. It's just dark-electro music that (hopefully) make you feel something or just spend 46 minutes well.
To create and write "Damage Doom Death" I used classic-DeTotCor virtual-synthesizers, some guitar-pedals, vocal-samples, and various audio-files. There is some distortion, but ambient minutes too.
"Damage Doom Death" will be released only digital (Bandcamp and Spotify) for free. You can download the 11 songs as .WAV (or similar) or just listen to it online. As you may know, in Bandcamp there is the possibility to donate some money. If you do so (doesn't matter how much you donate), you will receive a 4-track EP with dark-ambient songs. This ambient EP will be called "Damn Dusk Despair" (sorry for too many D's) and it won't be released anywhere.

Damage Doom Death

The new record (probably the last DE TOT COR album) is going to be called "DAMAGE DOOM DEATH" and it will be out around October/November. It will be all home-made. No sound-engineers, no designers, no crowfunding, no payed-promotion, no pre-orders, no shit, no guest-singers, no remixers, no singles, no coloured-vinyls, no money... Just music.
The album will be released only digital through Spotify and Bandcamp (free download at .WAV quality). If there is enough demand to press some physical copies, then there will be.
In the record you will find a mix between industrial, EBM, trance, guitars, ambient, doom... dark-electro! Last months I've been uploading some work in progress in my soundcloud account.
There have been four years of silence since the release of the last EP "Fearless". This will be the best De Tot Cor album ever. Grand finale and big distortion, it's a party. And this is the record cover: